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Autumn Wines to Fall For

As the first leaves turn from vivid green to fiery orange and the temperature starts to cool, we mark autumn’s arrival here in the UK. We say fond goodbye enjoying drinks in to garden and al fresco dining and say a welcome hello to fresh misty mornings, crackling fires & hearty meals.

Where summer demands bright and refreshing sights, smells and tastes, autumn permits a more soothingly sophisticated atmosphere and our premium collection has the precise styles to reflect the season.

In the weeks leading up to harvest, grapes will swell to twice their previous size as vines move sugars into the pulp. In the wild, this would attract animals to eat the berries and spread the seeds but, in the vineyard, it’s the farmer who’s eyeing the fruit. Judging ripeness is part science, part art. Growers measure the grapes’ sugar concentration because it’s the sugars that become alcohol to produce wine.

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Black fruits and berries are the fruits that classically complement the turn of the season. Blackberries, raspberries and plums are harvested in autumn and are key flavour components in many wines as well as ingredients in seasonal cuisine such as venison with blackberry sauce, stewed plums and raspberry and apple crumble.

Smokey and toasty undertones are always welcome in an autumnal wine, developed from careful ageing in oak barrels, and are reminiscent of bonfires and fireworks. Wines that exude these flavour profiles are the perfect companions to classic autumnal dishes and any occasion throughout the season.

Shiraz, or Syrah, is a favourite grape variety for a deliciously smooth and fruit-forward autumnal wine. Shiraz wines characteristically have elements of raspberry, liquorice, chocolate and tobacco present within the flavour profile and an excellent example is the Penfolds Bin 28 Kalimna Shiraz.

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At first sip, one is reminiscent of back to school days – memories of black jelly beans, then a gentle gradation to red liquorice and redcurrants. Accompanied by smooth medium tannin and a long finish, this is a wine that will slowly warm you up on a chilly October evening.

As a pairing to warm home-comfort cooking, there are scarce wines more complimentary than a Chianti Classico. Few wines call out to for delicious dishes with rich sauces quite like a Chianti and Cavaliere d’Oro’s expression in their Chianti Classico Gran Selezione Bellezza is one of the very best.

Created from the classic Sangiovese grape, this wine is a deep ruby colour which is reflected in the fruitful flavours of raspberry and black cherry, complimented by a toasty element of spicy vanilla. A stunning wine to accompany all food but excels when paired with hearty fare such as Beef Wellington, Shepard’s Pie, Duck Ragu and indulgent cheeses which truly earns itself the name ‘Bellezza’ (beauty).

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Possibly the most versatile of the white grape varieties is that of the Chardonnay grape. Whether it’s utilised in an elegant Champagne, an oaked Burgundy or a youthful refreshing style, I think we can all agree that some of best expressions hail from California.

Noted for their full-bodied, oaked styles Californian Chardonnay’s demand to be drunk with consideration through a long evening and the best guest to one of these evenings is found in Beringer’s Private Reserve Napa Valley Chardonnay. This thoughtful Chardonnay opens with traditional elements of stone fruit, citrus and tropical fruits then guides you to warm notes of toasted almonds and nutmeg, resulting in a full-bodied, elongated finish which will resonate with you long after the bottle has been finished.

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